14th Annual "What are you going to do with your dogs?" thread!!

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14th Annual "What are you going to do with your dogs?" thread!!

Postby Trademarkbark » Thu Jan 02, 2020 10:19 am

I'm back for 2020!

This is an ODO tradition for me to start a thread where everyone can list their goals for their dogs for the coming year. It can be show/performance, training or health ... anything you plan to achieve with your dogs next year!!

This was last year's post so you can refresh your memories!

Here were my 2019 Goals.

Doozy will do conformation, working towards AKC Champion and is training to be my next service dog. May also do FastCAT. A few more points towards AKC CH, but not titled. Didn't get around to doing FastCAT either. She did do some winning in the AKC Owner Handled Groups which we are excited about, and moved up in breed rankings.

Spud is going to attempt BarnHunt as available. Spud earned her Barn Hunt Instinct title

OE will hopefully get her next level FastCAT title. Time didn't allow for any FastCATs but OE took on another job later in the year of raising a new puppy for me!!

Grytz is semi retired in conformation but will come out for fun while working towards her Bronze Grand Champion title. Maybe some K9 Parkour too if I get around to it. Some more points in AKC towards GCHB and nice BOB wins over hairless dogs. Otherwise, mostly service dog stuff, as I spent much of 2019 in the dental chair and she was there for every visit.

And 2020!

Things have gotten interesting at the Trademarkbark Household. We have a new puppy - a male, hairless AHT, which goes against my Coated Girls only rule. His name is Mr Spock and he's a smart little guy. His first show out (a fun match) he won Best Puppy In Match.

Mr Spock - keep on showing and hopefully earn AKC and UKC Champion (or close to it).

Doozy - keep plugging along at AKC conformation when I have time. Also will attempt Barn Hunt as I think she will enjoy it.

Spud - run the household like the bitch she is! Mostly playing mom and mentor to the new puppy, but otherwise, she's retired.

OE - starting to show signs of arthritis in her shoulder, so her running career may be over. She's been doing a great job of disciplining the puppy.

Grytz - keep working towards the Bronze GCH as time and finances allow.

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Re: 14th Annual "What are you going to do with your dogs?" thread!!

Postby Sabine » Thu Jan 02, 2020 4:31 pm

Thanks for posting, Katie! I need to get on this. :)

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Re: 14th Annual "What are you going to do with your dogs?" thread!!

Postby emmas_mom » Sun Jan 05, 2020 9:54 am

Thanks Katie, and welcome to Mr. Spock!
My goals for Maggie for last year were: " My goal is to continue building her confidence, especially with people (she is pretty good with most dogs now, and has even made tentative invitations to play to a chosen few). She loves learning (okay, she loves treats), so I want to do more structured work with her, probably along the lines of tricks or nosework. As we recently moved to a new location, I'm still researching who offers what in this area."

I was successful in finding an awesome trainer in the next city over, and we did seven or eight one-on-one sessions with her to build Maggie's confidence and skills, as well as strengthening her weak hind quarter. We weren't able to find a class that fit my schedule (I don't drive at night, and the classes I was interested in would have required me driving into the city at night), but we kept working on her skills all summer and fall, doing lots of hikes that involved people, kids, other dogs, and parkour skills. She LOVES parkour - seeks out her own big rocks, logs, etc to jump up on, over, weave around, etc. in our natural environment whether in the forest or on the beach. She often amazes me with her senior-dog-bum-leg abilities! Her adult people skills when we are out-and-about are fine now (in the house, not so much!), she's mostly good with other dogs (even in the house), but still terrified of little kids - she is allowed her 'space' with them and gets rewarded for just sitting quietly to the side when they pass on the trail.

For 2020, I am hoping for a daytime course on Parkour, or tricks, or nosework with the same trainer we did the one-on-one, and it will likely happen this spring. I will be content if Maggie maintains her current level of timidity - she has come such a long way~ but of course we shall continue working on it. She will never be a social butterfly though. And I doubt I will ever teach her to 'settle' on her mat when people come into the house - she's perfect at it when no one is here, but right over the top with barking, racing around, fleeing, or going bananas in her crate or behind the gate when someone comes. She currently settles pretty quickly for two specific guests, once they have sat down, and I guess a good goal would be to have her settle pretty quickly for four individuals.
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