12th annual “What are you going to do with your dogs” thread

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12th annual “What are you going to do with your dogs” thread

Postby Trademarkbark » Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:09 pm

A time honored ODO tradition.

I usually do this at the end of each year but I’m a little late. So, let’s see what we were going to do in 2017, what we actually did, and then what are our plans for 2018.

In case you forgot what you posted: viewtopic.php?t=32064

Our 2017 Goals:

Spud - maybe Barn Hunt?

OE - maybe AKC Championship?

Grytz - AKC Grand Championship and Rally Novice title.

Beastie - Various conformation venues and maybe some Rally.

Roxy - UKC Grand Champion, AKC Champion and maybe Rally Novice title.

What we actually did.

2017 was a strange and surprising year.

Spud - no real desire to do anything but take care of her house

OE - she ended up having to be spayed, so her show career ended.

Grytz - did earn her AKC Grand Championship and her CGC title, on the same day no less.

Beastie - a sad turn of events caused her to go back to her breeder. She decided she wanted to rule the roost and began attacking all of the other dogs. But she is doing well there and they are looking for a nice single dog home for her.

Roxy - she did earn her AKC Championship, so that was enough to make me happy. Plus she earned a Reserve Best in Show at a UKC show, so we can forgive the lack of competition out there to earn a Grand Champion title.

And then a new addition, totally unplanned, that came available after I sent Beastie back. So now there is Doozy, another coated Xolo. We hope to earn her AKC championship by the end of 2018, but no hurry, as she’s just a baby.

Do, who else wants to play along?

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Re: 12th annual “What are you going to do with your dogs” thread

Postby Amanda » Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:54 am

I didn't post anything last year, probably because things were so rough with Zeke at the time. We were in the beginning stages of rehoming and finding out about his thyroid.

I have new goals this year and after so many household changes with my dogs, things will look pretty different, I think.

Keep him comfortable and happy for as long as we can. When/if his foot is healed up some more, I would like to commit to getting some sport dog workouts for senior dogs going for him. He needs hands on motivation to keep him moving.

Build her basic obedience knowledge. Get a trick dog title or 3. ;) We started agility this week. I would like to stay consistent in class and hopefully be first trial ready by 2019. And finally, in the next couple months, I want to get her out to some barn hunt and see how that goes.

Katie, I don't see your 2018 goals except for Doozy's championship. Anything else up your sleeve for your crew?

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Re: 12th annual “What are you going to do with your dogs” thread

Postby Trademarkbark » Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:27 am

Katie, I don't see your 2018 goals except for Doozy's championship. Anything else up your sleeve for your crew?
For some reason, I cannot edit my first post to add my missing goals (thanks for pointing that out Amanda!)

2018 Goals:

Roxy - Rally titles, Novice at the least. Still looking for what gets her going. Maybe Barn Hunt, maybe Fast CAT if her prey drive kicks in. She will visit AKC and UKC conformation off and on as the urge strikes me, but with no real goal in mind. Roxy has passed her hips and elbows, so she will also be starting work as my full time counterbalance mobility service dog and hopefully pick up some of the medical alert duties from Grytz.

OE - she has taken to FastCAT and we will be focusing on moving through the titles in this venue with her.

Spud - she is basically retired from sports, but she may do some trick dog training to earn some titles.

Grytz - she will probably do FastCAT, get higher level CGCU and CGCA, and hopefully attempt the AKC Farm Dog title. And she will continue in AKC conformation, working on National Owner Handled Series rankings. But most of all she will continue as my medical alert service dog.

Doozy - hope to have AKC and UKC Championships by the end of the year. Once she's a year old (July) she will be eligible for Fast CAT and we'll do that when trials pick back up in the winter.

And another new addition, for Tim not me, is Hopps. He is Grytz's litter brother and he is "retiring" with us from my breeder friends to become Tim's new service dog. Hopps is also a primo racing dog, so he will be doing Fast CAT and this is also working as therapy for Tim, so double bonus.

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Re: 12th annual “What are you going to do with your dogs” thread

Postby Sabine » Tue Jan 16, 2018 5:38 pm

Yay! Favorite thread! :)

2017 Recap


* Pretty much carry on as we have been in our Wednesday class, unless something better comes along (again...) It’s still our best option for proofing in a high-distraction environment.
--- I stopped going to group classes because it wasn't really a good fit anymore, and after Dax being attacked (in class, by a student's dog) for the second time, I also have concerns about how the club handles this kind of incident.

* Possibly, hopefully add a nosework class. We’ve dabbled a little bit in scent detection, mainly in the form of informal hide and seek games, and Dax loves it.
--- Nothing came along in my area. I'm not goign to vaccinate my dog for everything under the sun every single year to take lessons at certain businesses. Startred with a Fenzi "Intro to Nosework" class but didn't really have time to work much.

* Possibly, hopefully start some private lessons in agility somewhere safely fenced.
--- Didn't happen either, sadly, but we did run in some more entry level on-lead classes at JRTCA trials and did well in every one of them. At the Texas 2Step he was Agility Advanced On-Lead High Score on Saturday and Reserve on Sunday.

* Put a heavy focus on off leash heeling and exercises in our training.
--- This is still hard anywhere but here at home, due to a lack of opportunity. I'll just have to keep plugging away at it.
I quit the local obedience group classes several months after Dax got attacked for the second time by an aggressive large breed dog who was managed poorly by his handler (the first time was a Curly Coated Retriever, the second time an Akita). Class time was becoming more of a chore vs. being fun, so I didn't see the point anymore.
We did have some super nice heeling at several trials though, so there's progress.

* Continue building reliability of taking jumps, hopefully agility will help with that as well as with overall off-leash behavior in the ring.
--- Se the two items above.

* Polish our Open obedience routine, so we can eventually qualify. We’ve made big strides last year, I swear we are so close!
--- We've made more progress overall, but Dax' retrieve has deteriated somewhat under trial conditions. Need to focus on that more next year before we trial again in March.

* Continue taking online classes at Fenzi Academy, and working toward video submissions for the TEAM 1 title (and beyond, eventually). Dax has most of the mechanics in place already, but I need to train myself too, to make sure I do everything properly when recording video.
--- Another thing we didn't work much on this past year. ;)


* Go hunting again and if at all possible give Dax a chance to finally earn his Bronze Medallion. I’ve got so much money invested in this now, I’m not going to give up with just one quarry to go. ;)
--- As the crowning achievement of the year, Dax earned his Bronze Medallion on a groundhog on November 11th, under judge Dawn Weiss in Illinois. He found 3 opossums before coming upon the groundhog, during his longest work day in the field so far. He was the only dog being worked, and was out with us for over 8 hours. The next day he gave us another dig to - an opossum, what else! He truly is the Possum King!

* Attend JRTCA trials in CA, NV and TX (March for sure, and possibly also November again).
It’s not certain whether the AZ trial will be held, the CO summer trial is already a no for 2017. I want to conserve my resources for trials that offer rally/obedience/agility, so most likely I’ll skip WA this year. JRTCA Nationals has its 35 year anniversary in 2017, so maybe I’ll go back if Dax is successful with his Bronze.
--- We trialed in TX, WA, and NV this year, and twice (unexpectedly! ) in California: at Spring Fox Frolic in April and California Commotion in October! Dax is up to a total of 11 Weekend High Points.

* Work on Q’s in Open Obedience. This is the last obedience certificate we can earn in JRTCA.
--- Althoug he did well, we didn't finish the title this year. Wewon several Rally and Obedience championships and reserves though.

* Maybe get a Q in JRTCA off lead agility. Even if it’s “just” Jumpers. ;)
--- No agility classes, so I didn't brave any competitive runs off-lead.

2018 Goals


* I want to step up my training again this year, after things fizzling out somewhat around the middle of the year in 2017. Plans are to work through several Fenzi classes in my archive again, take some new ones, and I'd really like to achieve at least Team 1, if not 2 as well.

* In addition to the above, I also joined a DMWYD Facebook Group and want to work toward Trick Dog titles. Novice and Advanced shouldn't be an issue as far as capability is concerned, but I need to work on my video recording skills. :p

* Agility classes are still on the wish list. Now that I'm not going to group obedience class anymore, hopefully it will fall into place.

* Continue to work on the Open routine, first by rebuilding the retrieve. Practicing Team skills should help as well.


* The most exciting thing for 2018 will be that Dax becomes eligible for
1. the JRTCA Bronze Medallion conformation class and
2. JRTCA Veteran classes (6+ years of age) for both conformation and performance. This gives us some new competition opportunities.

* Although Dax earned his Bronze, I want to take him hunting again. He needs two more NHC's (doesn't matter which quarry), earned after his 6th birthday, to qualify for his Lifetime Achievement Award. We have to wait until Nationals 2018 to pick up his Bronze, so hopefully the Lifetime will fall into place by then as well.

* Attend some more JRTCA trials. Texas in March is already a firm plan (yay for another road trip with my mom!). 2018 will be the last Battleborn weekend, and I won $100 worth in entries for California Commotion in an auction, so these are firm commitments as well. I'd really like to add a new trial I haven't been to in 2018, so I may not go to WA, but we'll see. Due to 1. above Nationals are also in the plans for 2018.

* There might possibly be some WCRL rally trials on the radar on the West Coast, so we'll see about that.

* Whatever else we can find, hopefully some lure coursing, maybe we'll give weight pull a shot. I bought him a harness but haven't started training yet.

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