11th Annual "What Are You Gonna Do With Your Dogs?" thread

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11th Annual "What Are You Gonna Do With Your Dogs?" thread

Postby Trademarkbark » Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:20 am

Yes, once again, it is that time of year!

This is an ODO tradition for me to start a thread where everyone can list their goals for their dogs for the coming year. It can be show/performance, training or health ... anything you plan to achieve with your dogs next year!!

And for those that forgot, here's what we said we'd do in 2016: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=31939

Our 2016 Goals:

Spud – I guess we’ll keep trying to stay in the Racing All Stars in Flats for another year. And barking. Lots of barking. ;)

OE - work toward AKC CAA/CAX and UKC CAS lure coursing titles when I can fit it in the schedule.

Grytz – starts her AKC conformation career over, this time as a full status Terrier Group dog. We will also continue racing, hoping to earn her USGRCH and UFCH/UFGRCH racing titles.

Beastie – finish her UKC GRCH, AKC CH (and maybe AKC GCH) titles, as well as start her out in racing once she turns a year old.

Our 2016 Actual Accomplishments:

Spud – Unfortunately, there were no racing events this year. Spud did come out to play in AKC conformation a few times, even earned a point, but we both decided it wasn’t fun for her, so she’s officially retired from showing. I am considering Barn Hunt for 2017, if I can find the time and resources, because critter hunting is really all she wants to do anymore.

OE - As with racing, there weren’t any available lure coursing events this year. OE did came out to play in AKC conformation, and currently has 3 points. I’m not sure if we’ll continue, as it’s hard for a 7 year old coated to compete with a new crop of hairless babies that will be out in 2017. But we shall see ... ;)

Grytz - Same as Spud, no racing, but oh boy, did we take on AKC conformation!! Grytz earned her AKC Champion title rather quickly with all major wins, and is already one point away from her Grand Champion title. She also earned her ICE (International Canine Events) Honor Champion – Bronze title, which is their equivalent to a Grand Champion title. And as a little icing on the cake, her last AKC shows of 2016, she ended up going Best of Breed back to back, beating the #1 American Hairless Terrier both days! That’s one brag we can hang onto for awhile. She will show in AKC for that last GCH point, then probably take a break from showing and do some Rally Obedience. She is still my go-to girl for my medical alert needs, which she considers her top priority.

Beastie - The Beastie has done so much for me this year! No performance yet for her, except playing agility in the yard. She did, however, hit the conformation rings running! She earned her AKC Champion and Grand Champion titles, her UKC Grand Champion title, and her ICE Honor Champion – Bronze title. She had many group placements in UKC, and many Best of Breed placements in AKC. We made the rankings for the AKC National Owner Handled Series and overall made herself known in the Rat Terrier world!!

Roxy – was not listed in 2015, as we got her right around Christmas. Originally gotten to train to be my boyfriend’s service dog, we found that her strong will and silly antics were too difficult for him to work with (I trained her to perform a task, then he was supposed to duplicate, but she wouldn’t work for him). As it turned out, I have developed balance issues and need a dog for stability, so she will be working for me in that capacity (we have gotten a new, more willing to work, dog for my boyfriend). In 2016, Roxy has earned her UKC Champion title and half way toward her UKC Grand Champion title. She is major pointed in AKC and is ranked in the AKC National Owner Handled Series. She also earned her ICE Grand Prix International Champion (equal to Champion title). For 2017, Roxy will be focusing on AKC Championship and UKC Grand Championship, as well as higher level titles in ICE. And she will continue her work as a stability assistance dog for me. Multi-talented girl that she is!

And a little fun note - all 5 girls earned their Novice Trick Dog title from the “Do More With Your Dogs” organization. It’s a fun program and for those interested in new titles, this would be a good venue to check out. The first level is based on the honor system with a witness, and the upper levels are submitted via video.

Our 2017 Goals:

Spud - maybe Barn Hunt?

OE - maybe AKC Championship?

Grytz - AKC Grand Championship and Rally Novice title.

Beastie - Various conformation venues and maybe some Rally.

Roxy - UKC Grand Champion, AKC Champion and maybe Rally Novice title.

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Re: 11th Annual "What Are You Gonna Do With Your Dogs?" thread

Postby SherriA » Tue Dec 20, 2016 6:56 pm

I didn't write up any goals for Henry and I last year but we started classes and had a grand time. He passed "Elementary School" and did so well he skipped "Middle School" and went right to "High School". He was also given the opportunity to take his CGC test after Elementary School (they generally offer it after Middle School) and passed on the first try! He passed High School but I think we'll take that class again to solidify some of those skills once my knee heals and I'm able to get him back to class. We went to Reliable Recall class to keep that skill sharp and will continue to do that periodically.

In 2017, besides doing high school and recall classes again we are going to try to take a nose work class if the time fits my schedule, and if not we'll look at a rally or tricks class, depending on what's offered at the training facility. Henry loves going to class!

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Re: 11th Annual "What Are You Gonna Do With Your Dogs?" thread

Postby Sabine » Tue Dec 20, 2016 11:14 pm

2016 Recap:

* Pretty much carry on as we have been in our Wednesday class, unless something better comes along (again...hopefully...) Now that we actually have to have some semblance of fencing at the park where we train, we'll be able to focus better on off leash exercises. I'd really like to add a second class again though.
--- Nothing better came along, unfortunately, and while classes were going on during daylight hours, the squirrels were exceptionally bad this year, so we’ve had our challenges. For a good part of the summer there were only 3 or 4 of us attending, so we got a lot of individual time with the instructor, which was great.

* Work LOTS more on off leash exercises outside of class. Just need to find a suitable area.
--- Not much progress on this, but some opportunities may be opening up. We’ll see. Meanwhile we are working hard at home.

* Work on reliability of taking jumps during recalls (JRTCA Novice) and retrieves (JRTCA Open), so we can eventually qualify in Open and compete for combined awards.
--- I did some jumping foundation exercises and it seems to have made a difference. Still needs more work though.

* Work on the go-out, turn, and sit exercise for JRTCA Open obedience. So far we are nowhere close to a qualifying performance because we don't have enough distance yet.
--- We’ve made huge strides on this, and in our last run in Open obedience in 2016 he actually nailed it – after a long weekend of competing and even though he was really tired. Too bad we had some other snags, so still no Q’s, but I’m confident they will come.

* Get that last Barn Hunt Senior Q, finally.
--- This was actually the first 2016 goal we crossed off our list, on January 31. Dax earned all of his BHA RATS legs as first places in the Small Dog class, and leg 2 and 3 with the best time in Senior overall. Unfortunately we are done with barn hunt for now, since Dax decided he’s not interested anymore in rats that are safe in tubes and can’t be caught. So we are taking a break and might revisit later.

* Hit the Western JRTCA trials in CA, AZ, CO, WA, and NV. Hope to convince AZ and CO to also add an Obedience and Rally division to their lineup. The others are already on board, yay!
--- Sadly there were no trials held in AZ and CO in 2016 and WA decided not to offer obedience and rally after all. In addition to the CA, WA and NV trials we did go to the Fall Festival in TX in November again though, and had a great time.

* At the above trials, work on getting our final Rally II leg for the certificate, and a Q in Open Obedience.
--- Dax earned his Rally II title at Battleborn Bonanza in NV. We still didn’t manage an Open obedience Q, but we got oh so close a couple times. With Dax making so much progress on the go-out exercise, our biggest challenge these days is the off-lead heeling. We’ll really have to make that a focus in 2017.

* Go hunting again and if at all possible give Dax a chance to finally earn his Bronze Medallion.
--- We did go on a fun 3-day hunting trip in New Jersey in May, but despite checking out multiple dens, we did not run into any qualifying quarry. Still, I was grateful for the opportunity to get Dax out in the field and let him do what comes naturally.

* Try for a Q in ASCA Rally Advanced (if I'm brave enough and there are trials where I feel safe about the off-lead conditions) and work on X and C scores in RN.
--- Sadly this did not come to pass. We tried at one trial, but Dax was so distracted by the rabbits at the park that I couldn’t get him to do much even on lead.

* Try for a Q in ASCA Novice Obedience (again, depending on safe off-lead conditions).
--- See above. We need more work on the off lead heeling first. I’m beginning to feel better about his long stays at class though, which is great.

* Look into the possibility of WCR rally trials. Would be nice if we could enter one, but they are far and few.
--- See above. Went to one trial, at a terrible venue (a corner of smelly artificial turf at a working nursery with lots of critters around), and it was a disaster. Crossing this off the list unless we can find a better venue. For which we may have to travel a considerable distance.

Other highlights:

* Canine Good Citizen on January 16th

* This year Dax made his debut in the non-titling “newbie” classes of JRTCA agility, which are very simple courses performed on leash. He won a Rookie reserve high score for standard and jumpers combined on Saturday at our club’s trial in March, and the perpetual trophy for the Weekend High Score of Obedience, Rally and Agility combined at the TX Fall festival in November.

* High Score in both Obedience and Rally Saturday and Sunday at my club’s CA trial and Reserve for both on Saturday and Sunday at the NV trial. Also Reserve for Obedience on the Sunday at the TX trial.

* Reserve Champion in Super Earth, Adult 10-12.5″ on Saturday at the CA and WA trials.

* Adult Racing Champion for the 10-12.5″ class both days at the WA trial.

* Weekend High Point Open Terrier at the CA and NV trials (WA and TX didn’t offer high point divisions.)

2017 Goals


* Pretty much carry on as we have been in our Wednesday class, unless something better comes along (again...) It’s still our best option for proofing in a high-distraction environment.

* Possibly, hopefully add a nosework class. We’ve dabbled a little bit in scent detection, mainly in the form of informal hide and seek games, and Dax loves it.

* Possibly, hopefully start some private lessons in agility somewhere safely fenced.

* Put a heavy focus on off leash heeling and exercises in our training.

* Continue building reliability of taking jumps, hopefully agility will help with that as well as with overall off-leash behavior in the ring.

* Polish our Open obedience routine, so we can eventually qualify. We’ve made big strides last year, I swear we are so close!

* Continue taking online classes at Fenzi Academy, and working toward video submissions for the TEAM 1 title (and beyond, eventually). Dax has most of the mechanics in place already, but I need to train myself too, to make sure I do everything properly when recording video.


* Go hunting again and if at all possible give Dax a chance to finally earn his Bronze Medallion. I’ve got so much money invested in this now, I’m not going to give up with just one quarry to go. ;)

* Attend JRTCA trials in CA, NV and TX (March for sure, and possibly also November again).
It’s not certain whether the AZ trial will be held, the CO summer trial is already a no for 2017. I want to conserve my resources for trials that offer rally/obedience/agility, so most likely I’ll skip WA this year. JRTCA Nationals has its 35 year anniversary in 2017, so maybe I’ll go back if Dax is successful with his Bronze.

* Work on Q’s in Open Obedience. This is the last obedience certificate we can earn in JRTCA.

* Maybe get a Q in JRTCA off lead agility. Even if it’s “just” Jumpers. ;)

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Re: 11th Annual "What Are You Gonna Do With Your Dogs?" thread

Postby UpwardDog » Fri Dec 23, 2016 4:20 pm

Trial Will in rally.I'd like to do some more nosework and agility with him, but it's just hard to find the time and money. Also hard to find good instruction here.
Keep giving Rosie good golden years--she's about 15--best guess--- and it's showing more and more.

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