10th Annual "What Are You Gonna Do With Your Dogs?" thread

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10th Annual "What Are You Gonna Do With Your Dogs?" thread

Postby Trademarkbark » Thu Dec 03, 2015 9:34 am

Yes, once again, it is that time of year!

This is an ODO tradition for me to start a thread where everyone can list their goals for their dogs for the coming year. It can be show/performance, training or health ... anything you plan to achieve with your dogs next year!!

And for those that forgot, here's what we said we'd do in 2015: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=31263

Apparently I didn’t list my goals for 2015 last year, just my 2014 accomplishments. I’m slipping! :fie:

Our 2015 Accomplishments:

Spud – at the end of 2015, pulled off some Flat racing wins, so may have made it back into the Racing All Stars this year after her 2014 injury hiatus.

OE – well, pretty much she has been racing and having fun, but can’t beat Grtyz, so no new titles this year for her. But she has been doing a great job as nanny dog for my puppy, and as Emotional Support Dog for my military veteran boyfriend while he is in between service dogs.

Grytz – At the last possible show in Florida for the year, she earned the last point needed for her Certificate of Merit. The CM is AKC’s equivalent to the conformation Champion title for rare breeds. Also, she picked up her racing game and finished the year either at #1 or #2 in Steeples and #2 or #3 in Flat Racing All Stars for the year. (We won’t know the final stats until mid 2016).

Beastie – yes, the surprise Rat Terrier puppy I got in March is tearing up the show ring. She earned her UKC CH title at 7 months old, and is half way towards her UKC GRCH title at just 10 months old. Also, she had most of her points (with three major wins) for her AKC CH title by 9 months old.

Our 2016 Goals:

Spud – I guess we’ll keep trying to stay in the Racing All Stars in Flats for another year. And barking. Lots of barking. ;)

OE - work toward AKC CAA/CAX and UKC CAS lure coursing titles when I can fit it in the schedule.

Grytz – starts her AKC conformation career over, this time as a full status Terrier Group dog. We will also continue racing, hoping to earn her USGRCH and UFCH/UFGRCH racing titles.

Beastie – finish her UKC GRCH, AKC CH (and maybe AKC GCH) titles, as well as start her out in racing once she turns a year old.

So, now let's see what YOU'RE gonna do!!!

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Re: 10th Annual "What Are You Gonna Do With Your Dogs?" thread

Postby Calypso » Thu Dec 03, 2015 10:29 am

Goals for 2015
- Rehab exercises to get as much strength as possible into that right rear leg.
- Have regular visits to two facilities to do therapy work.
- Compete in Rally (for realsies!)
- Play around with body awareness exercises and work on her core strength.

Havana recovered amazingly well. Some set backs here and there, but largely is living her normal life.
We're having a hard time finding a regular therapy venue to visit and it's tougher now that I have an irregular schedule with the kids.
Oops, no rally competitions...again.

- Continue to work on being comfortable around a variety of strange dogs and people right away without growling and being a dork first.
- More lure coursing - work toward CA
- Barn Hunts
- Start to compete in UKC conformation
- Be an asset to the flyball team

Pixel is doing pretty well with adapting to strangers and I'm getting better at supporting him more effectively.
No lure coursing or UKC Conformation, but we attended a couple of Barn Hunt fun days.
He is a nice asset to the flyball team. As of now he has no issues passing other dogs, does ok ignoring other dogs, will run for anyone.

Goals for 2016
-Rally (for realsies again!)
-Find a therapy venue that's a good match for us.
-Stay healthy.

-Barn Hunt
-UKC Conformation
-Lure Coursing
-More flyball titles
-Continue to learn the appropriate way to greet humans is always appropriate. :P

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Re: 10th Annual "What Are You Gonna Do With Your Dogs?" thread

Postby maxs_mommy » Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:22 pm

I don't have grand plans for Max this year though I would like to get him healthy, get the Cushing's under control and get his hair to regrow on his bald little butt. More tricks, more miles, more bully sticks (says Max) and more naps. Another healthy year chugging along for him is all I'm really asking for.
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Re: 10th Annual "What Are You Gonna Do With Your Dogs?" thread

Postby Amanda » Sat Dec 05, 2015 9:50 am

Goals for 2015
Landis: Pop in on at least one drop in Nosework class. Clicker train something new. Keep him fit and healthy. Work on food choice/greasy coat issue.

We never did the Nosework class, but we got him more fit than he's been in several years. He is doing well on our new food regimen. His coat has improved although he still sheds like mad. He is my sometimes demo dog in class and we are retraining a few old commands to match what our training school does so he has learned a few new things.

New puppy: The goals are many and multi-faceted. Go to puppy class, go to hunt training days, socialize, maybe a conformation show? We'll see how things go, but mostly it will be all about peeing where he's supposed to and sleeping through the night for a while.

Zeke did all of the above except the conformation show. We went to many hunt training days and earned his Natural Ability title. He pees where he is supposed to and sleeps through the night. Success! :)

Goals for 2016:
He is slowing down a bit so I just want to keep him in shape and happy. He will continue to demo for my classes (I start teaching my own classes in January!)

His goals for this year include growing up and gaining more self-control. I want to polish up our obedience commands, and start agility training. We may go to a couple hunt training days just to keep it in his brain, but hunting is going on the back burner for a little while. It became too time and money consuming for our current family lifestyle. I am hoping in a couple years my kids will be able to come along and we can work on his training together a bit. I do want to go back to it someday. Agility is now a real goal because I can take free classes and he is so tall that he will be super fast for his height category. My other goal for him is minimal vet bills!!!! I need to recoup my vet budget since we spent all of at least 2-3 years worth so far. Doh! eta: I want to Sue's training levels too. Hopefully get to a level 2+ this year.

Both dogs:
Take hikes. Run/walk them in the mornings before the family is up at least 1-2 times per week. Take them to work and train on my lunch breaks. Feed them well and maybe start making food for them again. Had to take a break from that since about August due to time constraints. And just enjoy them with my family. :)

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Re: 10th Annual "What Are You Gonna Do With Your Dogs?" thread

Postby EllaBella » Sun Dec 06, 2015 11:28 am

Kirby: Get a solid recall and drop command (including him listening to his kid for them). Get a decent loose leash walk and stop freaking out at large black dogs and men with beards (though, he can keep up his habit of dancing at cute beardless guys sitting on benches outside the bottle shop until they invite them into his lap--this dog has excellent taste in men, even the 3 he's hated he's been right about). Allow nail clipping and grooming with clippers without being a jerk.

Fraggle: Keep on Fraggling. She's perked up so much since we got Kirby, and her bad leg has muscled out more than ever this year, a surprising turn of events 7 years after her surgery. Stay healthy.

Both: Learn how to poop on leash in the rain in less than 20 minutes in the mornings and late at night.

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Re: 10th Annual "What Are You Gonna Do With Your Dogs?" thread

Postby Sabine » Sun Dec 06, 2015 12:34 pm

2015 Recap:


* Unless something changes in the training classes offered, I'll probably be limited to the Wednesday Advanced Novice as it is, but we will continue.
--- We did continue our Wednesday class in 2015, since it was the best fit, still.

* Hopefully add a second class again, if something suitable pops up.
--- Nothing else came up, so for training classes we were a bit short this year. Only six 8-week sessions altogether.

* Step up emphasis on off leash work, so we can eventually enter Novice obedience outdoors.
--- We actually did ok on this one. Still needs a lot more work, but Dax never left the ring during any off leash obedience or rally classes we had entered, and came back when called if he did wander off a bit inside the ring.

* Work hard on focus in distracting environments, so we can enter rally trials outdoors.
--- Ditto here. We got a good start on this in 2015!


* Get that final ASCA BN leg to complete the title.This is first on the agenda for 2015, on Dax' 3rd birthday!
--- It was in the bag, just as I had hoped! We earned our 3rd leg with a score of 185 in the AM trial and added another score of 193.5 and a 3rd place in the PM trial. What a birthday present! We entered BN one more time after that, and increased our best score to a 194.5 and 2nd place.

* Hit the Western JRTCA trials in CA, AZ, WA and NV. Hopefully also make TX, and Freedom Rings in CO.

--- There was no AZ trial this year, and we didn't make it to WA (nor hunting) but we went to TX (twice), the Spring Fox Frolic in April, Freedom Rings in August, and Battleborn Bonanza in September.

* Get 2 more legs each for our JRTCA Pre-Novice and Novice obedience certificates. Start on JRTCA Rally II certificate. This will be tough since so far we'll only have 2 runs in each, at the TX trial in March.
--- Managed both of these as well, completing both certificates – Pre Novice in March and Novice in September. Plus added 2 Rally II legs to the list as well!

* Enter an ASCA rally trial. Getting a Q would be a bonus!
--- Not only did we enter some ASCA rally trials, but we also completed our RN on two consecutive Saturdays (4 runs total) in April. Tried Advanced once, but had no success that day, mainly because it was very hot.

* Work on legs for the BHA Senior title.
--- Earned the first Senior leg on January 25th, and a second one on May 17th, both with a 1st place in the Small Dog class, and as the only qualifier in the Senior class in the May trial. After that we had a dry stretch of 3 trial weekends with no Q's.

* Continue trying to find a CGC and an ATTS test - and pass!
--- Still haven't managed to make it to a CGC test (really only due to a lack of convenient opportunities), but an ATTS test was finally offered locally, and Dax passed with flying colors.

* The big one: Dax needs one more quarry for his Bronze Medallion. It would be totally awesome if we could make that happen.
--- Sadly we did not have an opportunity to go hunting this year, so it's back on the list for 2016.

Some of the most exciting achievements:
* Receiving the Reserve Obedience High Point on Sunday at the TX Two-Step (March) and on Saturday at the Fall Festival (November). Dax also won high scores for obedience and/or rally at other JRTCA trials, but the two TX events have the largest entries in these divisions.
* Winning the Suitability to Fox conformation class on Sunday at the TX Two-Step, in a class of 14 entries and with some tough competition.
* Bringing an Obedience and Rally division to two JRTCA trials that had not offered these before – and seeing people have fun and being excited about it.
* Finishing JRTCA Pre Novice and Novice Obedience certificates.
* Winning Adult/Open Weekend High Points (essentially a versatility award) at Spring Fox Frolic, Freedom Rings, and Battleborn Bonanza.

What I really didn't see coming at all:
* Trying for and finishing the ASCA RN so quickly. 2 consecutive weekends, 4 runs.
* Managing to qualify in our first-ever JRTCA Rally II run (and first off-leash only class, ever), and with a great score – 197 of 210 possible points.
* Seeing wonderful performances in the attempts we had in JRTCA Open Obedience. None of them qualifying performances yet, but good heeling, perfect drop on recalls every time, passable retrieves and broad jumps.

2016 Goals:

* Pretty much carry on as we have been in our Wednesday class, unless something better comes along (again...hopefully...) Now that we actually have to have some semblance of fencing at the park where we train, we'll be able to focus better on off leash exercises. I'd really like to add a second class again though.
* Work LOTS more on off leash exercises outside of class. Just need to find a suitable area.
* Work on reliability of taking jumps during recalls (JRTCA Novice) and retrieves (JRTCA Open), so we can eventually qualify in Open and compete for combined awards.
* Work on the go-out, turn, and sit exercise for JRTCA Open obedience. So far we are nowhere close to a qualifying performance because we don't have enough distance yet.

* Get that last Barn Hunt Senior Q, finally.
* Hit the Western JRTCA trials in CA, AZ, CO, WA, and NV. Hope to convince AZ and CO to also add an Obedience and Rally division to their lineup. The others are already on board, yay!
* At the above trials, work on getting our final Rally II leg for the certificate, and a Q in Open Obedience.
* Go hunting again and if at all possible give Dax a chance to finally earn his Bronze Medallion.
* Try for a Q in ASCA Rally Advanced (if I'm brave enough and there are trials where I feel safe about the off-lead conditions) and work on X and C scores in RN.
* Try for a Q in ASCA Novice Obedience (again, depending on safe off-lead conditions).
* Look into the possibility of WCR rally trials. Would be nice if we could enter one, but they are far and few.

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