Pet Food Nation - Joan Weiskopf

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Pet Food Nation - Joan Weiskopf

Postby BarksaLot » Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:46 pm

Anybody read this one? It's a bit old, 2007 - I've got it as an e book through the library on my ipad.

Weiskopf is a nutritional vet. She gives some recipes, although she's not in favor of raw per say. Agrees that bones have to be raw, but she cooks the meat a bit, worrys about bacteria. Says she gives her dogs chicken necks but gives the necks a dunk in boiling water to kill bacteria - her words not mine. LOL

Bound to have been plenty of bacteria on some of the aged bones in the back yard that our guys have happily munched on in the past, hasn't killed them yet.

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