Upcoming Pet Food Workshops

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Upcoming Pet Food Workshops

Postby Sabine » Tue Sep 23, 2008 3:05 pm

I'm excited to announce that the nice folks at Pussy and Pooch in Downtown L.A. have invited me to present a series of four workshops as part of their Pet Food Campaign.

Upcoming Pet Food Workshops at Pussy and Pooch, 564 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90013:

Wednesday, 09/24/08 (5 pm - 7 pm) What's In Pet Food
Overview of the main ingredient groups. What's good? What's bad and why?

Wednesday, 10/01/08 (5 pm - 7 pm) Fresh Prepared Meals
Advantages of feeding a home prepared, cooked diet.

Wednesday, 10/08/08 (5 pm - 7 pm) Kibble or Can?
Pros/Cons of feeding Kibble or Can and how to do both.

Wednesday, 10/15/08 (5 pm - 7 pm) The Raw Diet
An inside look at feeding a Raw Diet.

For more details on Pussy & Pooch's event program for the next 5 weeks, please have a look at

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