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Relaxation Protocol

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:42 pm
by Amanda
We use this relaxation protocol at work with almost all the dogs that come through. I used it on Zeke for quite a while when he was a baby pup to teach him to chill out in the house. I am going back to it and I was just told about the MP3 links on this page. They are so helpful. Earbuds in and you can work without needing to read anything or find your place in the list. We/I use these in a down position on a mat instead of a sit as is mentioned. I think it's a really fantastic idea and thought I'd share for anyone that hasn't heard of it.

The basic idea is that you work through each day's list. If the dog breaks the stay, you start over at the beginning of the day. Don't move to the next day until the dog can successfully complete the day without breaking their stay. Reward between each item on the list. Really great for helping with doorbell manners and settling in public. Let me know what you think! ... mp3-files/

Re: Relaxation Protocol

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:08 am
by Calypso
I'm going to check that out. Pixel could use some relaxation practice.

Re: Relaxation Protocol

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:18 pm
by maxs_mommy
I need to start doing this! Bookmarking for later to listen to and work through!