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Sensitive trachea and play

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2015 12:15 pm
by EllaBella
Fraggle has always had a kind of sensitive trachea--she needs a low harness or she coughs, for example. It's all been mild and manageable but now Kirby likes to pin her on her back (Fraggle is willing at this point and rolls over to encourage him to chew on her) and then he chews on her throat. This leads to her coughing and seeming uncomfortable and kind if needing to catch her breath--just not bad enough for her to end the play session. I don't know how bad this is for Fraggle's trachea, or if there are any risks aside from some coughing, but I'd like to get Kirby to chew on some other part of her.

I've thought about a spiked collar? Spraying bitter apple on her throat? I tried to leave the hair longer but it just got extra matted from being chewed on so I had to trim it.

Any ideas.... This is kind of a strange problem.