Cat desensitizing without stressing the cat?

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Cat desensitizing without stressing the cat?

Postby Calypso » Sun Jun 08, 2014 9:13 am

So, I was hoping Pixel would get over his shriek-and-chase reaction to the cats, but last night he almost took the cat down, so I need to do something. I what I would do if this was anything BUT my cats. My cats are such Pixel haters that keeping them in Pixel's line of sight would stress them horribly and I can't predict when they will come within his sight, because they're cats. His reaction to them is what I want to see toward chipmunks in the wall or a rat in a hunt, but I never thought he could catch a cat until last night.

If the fuzz-brains would just hold still like my first cat, it would be great. But they don't. They go into perfect prey mode.

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