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Simple homemade food recipe for street dogs

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:21 am
by Snevinter

I support 2 volunteer organizations for stray dogs in Morocco. One is started and run by fanny from France, the other by Lucy from Australia. Both kick a lot of butt and get things done.

Dog food is expensive, and I wonder if we can save money on food by homemaking it?

This means more money for sterilisation, vaccination, adoption, and emergency help.

But what do we put in to cover basic needs?

Rice, bulgar, most veggies, eggs are easy to get.
Cow meat and pig meat. No.
Chicken, goat. Yes.

The less meat, the cheaper. But it has to cover basic nutrition of course.

Any tips or help.

It could also be a supplement to produced dry food. If that is better. Just trying to find ways to stretch the money.

Thank you for any recipe help you may have