I hate tumors

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I hate tumors

Postby maxs_mommy » Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:26 pm

Damn, damn double damn. I had Max in 2 weeks ago for his 6 month heavy petting check up and he got a fairly clean bill of health, all things considered. Monday I took him in for nails and a chiro adjustment on his normal schedule and to point out a new lump on his sternum. The vet also noticed a new tumor on the side of his penis, about the size of a small marble. Both are likely melanoma to go with the oral tumor which seams to be spreading some though not quickly. These last two just popped up so fast and without surgery there's nothing to do. Add to this that his cushings meds are in the detox phase because of tolerances he develops so we have to go off it for 3-4 weeks of hell. I'm not ready for him to be old and infirm. Somebody stop the clock please.
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Re: I hate tumors

Postby Sabine » Thu Dec 14, 2017 12:23 pm

I'm so sorry to hear this.

Have you looked into Neoplasene at all? A number of people I know of had great success with it in their dogs. Unfortunately the website is down, but you could call Scott Valley Vet at (530) 468-5366 and ask for Dr. Art Spencer. He consults.

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Re: I hate tumors

Postby BarksaLot » Tue Dec 26, 2017 8:49 pm

Poor Max, I'm so sorry your going through this trial. We did Neoplasene with Taffy and wouldn't do it again if presented with the same situation again. She had a tumor on the roof of her mouth which I discovered when looking for the cause of bad breath she had. And is often the case by the time you notice a lump it metazisises internally. Our vet covered the oral tumor with neoplasene, which by the next morning had fallen out, but then started the bleeding and lots of it. Also since there was internal mets she took a liquid neoplasene. We always had incidents of bleeding which got worse over time. Finally she had to be rushed to the vet when we couldn't stop bleeding. Then comes considering letting her go, vet could do no more, internally she was bleeding too and started vomiting blood, so that was the end for Taffy. Those lasts months were terrible for Taffy and I wouldn't put another dog through that. Especially a tumor on the roof of the mouth I wouldn't use it again. It is good for taking off growths on the skin like warts. Might use it for the one on his penis, but that might be uncomfortable for Max. Also you would have to find a vet trained to use it, we found a holistic vet willing to try it. She had to call dr Spencer for instructions how to do it. Unfortunately last I knew she no longer practices, burned out I think.

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