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Cetyl-M for joint?

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:03 pm
by Amanda
Have any of you heard of this supplement for dog joints? The vet hospital that did Zeke's OFA X-rays recommended it for his hips. I haven't done much googling yet, but was surprised to hear of a supplement I had never heard of before.

Zeke came out OFA fair which technically means he isn't dysplastic. It came as quite a shock since he still moves with a hitch in his step and occasional outright lameness and the radiologist that did his X-rays said she was 100% sure he would not pass. I am glad he isn't technically dysplastic but now I tend to find OFA misleading. Perhaps I should have gone with Penn-hip instead since they measure laxity which is likely where his issues lie.

Re: Cetyl-M for joint?

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 5:55 pm
by JudyL
Yes, cetyl myristoleate. I've heard of it before from some of the horse products where it is combined in with other ingredients like glucosamine and MSM . I don't remember now if any of my friends tried it or used it with success, I know that I didn't use it.

Re: Cetyl-M for joint?

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:13 pm
by LisaT_II
I'm a big fan of CM, and I think there may be some threads about it on this forum, I'm not sure.

Beef-based CM is more effective than plant-based. I can't use it here because beef makes Jazz tremor... I always used the Jarrow True CMO supplement, and can't attest to any other ones.

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