Tip for pill giving

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Tip for pill giving

Postby BarksaLot » Fri Jul 12, 2013 12:58 pm

Just wanted to share a success I've had lately giving pills to Taffy. She's a finicky eater so I've resorted to using baby foods from time to time.

Gerber has a Gerber Graduate Pasta Pickups for toddlers - basically a finger food for a toddler. About the size of a rice chex cereal.

They have a couple of varieties that I've seen - tomato paste & meat, the other is spinach and cheese, but they are so small I don't know if they have as much as a half teaspoon filling.

I don't even bother heating, pasta is precooked, I can take a knife or squeeze apart, pop in the pill and it goes straight down the hatch.

Since Taffy's tongue is not intact, she has difficulty chewing, although this wouldn't be an option if they've got a wheat allergy, but since it's a slippery food it goes right down. Small package is only 70 calories, which I don't know if that includes the broth it's packed in - Taffy gets that with other meds to mask the taste.

But if you've got a dog that might gobble up a treat, this might be an option for you.

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