Bettina & Natsu

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Bettina & Natsu

Postby Bettyna » Wed Apr 11, 2012 1:43 am

Hi everyone, I am Bettina (otherwise known as BettyNa). I have a 1.5 year old Japanese Spitz - Natsu. Natsu means "Summer" in Japanese. We live all the way across the world in Singapore and Natsu is our first dog.

We adopted Natsu at 6 months from a person who had bought her from a pet store and didn't want to keep her anymore. She was adorable, but had mange on her ear (a very sad hairless ear). Thankfully, that cleared up quickly.

I always knew that I wanted to homecook for her. I chanced upon this forum while trying to get more information on home prepared diets. I am also keen on natural health therapies alternative to the usual allopathic veterinary treatments and found that this forum is quite balanced in terms of advising when I should be visiting a vet vs when supplements/homeopathics would help.

I love that everyone here encourages positive reinforcement for training. :love:

I enjoy learning from the "expert" members on this forum who have been researching and helping doggies for a long time! :thumbup:

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