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2007 ODO Community Awards

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 4:02 pm
by Sabine
Congrats to the two recipients of the 2007 ODO Community Awards!

[size:11pt]2007 Best Contributor to Community Spirit[/size]


Kay receives this award for organizing our two ODO gift swaps in 2007, which certainly had the largest influence on the ODO community and brought a lot of fun - presents for those who chose to participate and fun photos to check out for everyone.

[size:11pt]2007 ODO Mentor of the Year[/size]


Jen receives this award because despite her long working hours she's always there when someone needs an answer on health related issues, be it on the Care, Health & Nutrition forum for dogs and cats or in NDR/Wellness, Health & Lifestyle for people.

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