Excellent BAT session!!

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Excellent BAT session!!

Postby Moemer » Sat Apr 16, 2011 1:12 pm

Just bragging here about a text-book prefect BAT session with a client/friend. Actually, it's the Catahoula who disappeared for 3 days. It was absolutely PISSING rain, like a torrential downpour, but her friend was already on the subway coming across town to be our decoy dog so we didn't call it off. Olive was a little sad to begin with, I thought it was going to be a total write-off, but she was BRILLIANT! she's totally got the hang of BAT, knows that various calming signals, especially head turns, will get her distance from the other dog, so she was spitting them out left, right and centre.
It was awesome!!
We had a bit of trouble with the mechanics of parallel walking, it was hard to coordinate movement of the decoy what with the heavy rain and shouting back and forth at a distance comfortable for Olive, but we did some head-on approaches with both dogs moving in towards one another, and Olive was totally on it!
I am so happy with her performance, as well as her owner's skills, which are coming along as well as the dog's.

:) !!
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Re: Excellent BAT session!!

Postby SherriA » Sat Apr 16, 2011 1:56 pm

WTG! I'm glad you decided to work through the rain. I bet it ws worth it for such good results. :thumbup:

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