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Dream Vet clinic design

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 1:16 am
by maxs_mommy
Max is going to a different vet for the clinical trial and I truly hate being there. The clinic has one entrance/exit door and it's not a double, said entrance is on a corner of the building with a play yard abutting the entrance sidewalk, no airlock, one door from the waiting room to the exam rooms for in and out and(!!) they board 8-10 dogs daily who roam freely though out the clinic hallway though the doggie door to the play yard and around the front desk. (Don't get me started on the proheart6 and scrip food they push. We're just there for the trial.) It's a nightmare set up for a reactive dog owner. The vet seems nice, the staff seems nice but there's literally no way to avoid other dogs short of asking them to call me while we wait in the car and then whisking him in. I have to carry him because he'll pick a snark with the boarding dogs roaming everywhere given the chance.

So I got to thinking what I would want in my dream vet clinic. I want (at least) #1 Multiple entrance/exit points, ideally the cashier station would not be the same place you check in and walk-in (e-vets seem to have this nailed down), #2 Wide hallways or a space to go with a visual barrier for avoidance and my pipedream #3 would be an exam room with an outside entrance door for dogs who don't need to be in general population (contagious, elderly, puppy, reactive, euth appointments). Also, board and groom should have their own space not in the main clinic, IMO. What else would you want in your dream clinic?

Re: Dream Vet clinic design

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 6:05 am
by connie
My dogs see their chiropractor in a vet clinic in the suburb of Glendale Heights; last year, that clinic got a major makeover and upgrade/remodel. It's a dream clinic now! TWO entrances, one for dogs and one for cats; a divided waiting room -- I don't use the other facilities of the clinic, but what I do use is awesome. Check it out!

My vet clinic, which had its own expansion/remodel several years ago, recently purchased an old Taco Bell building on the lot next to it, and the clinic owner is going to move the clinic's grooming services into that building. I think it will be a really nice arrangeent.
This is my vet clinic -- it's nice, but I love that divided waiting room at Glendale Heights! But my clinic does have one exam room that has a door opening to the parking lot, so the check-in area can be bypassed if necessary.

Re: Dream Vet clinic design

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 7:09 am
by MaisyPancakes
:eek2: :fie: Oh GOD, I could hardly get through Ashley's description of the nightmare set up! :fie: I still get abnormal heartbeats when I think of the time I brought in a stray to a little clinic out in the exburbs and it was this tiny box "house" with two loose clinic cats and about 8 chairs packed into a square space the size of a whirlpool. I about died, even though the stray was fine. With MP, I often resorted to asking them to come get me when the coast is clear. I felt like a total PIA but every clinic was super accommodating, and it got easier and easier for me to ask. To avoid the reception/cashier area nightmares, I either paid in the room, or a tech or assistant would hang out in the room w/MP while I went and paid.

Divided waiting rooms would be awesome and straight-to-outside rooms would be super ideal! I know of one clinic I did some work for that had a "quiet exit" room for difficult appointments like euthanasia. I thought that was a lovely thought, and would be great for reactive dogs, too. If we can dream, I think pets would like quieter latch doors (not sure if it's a thing, but I just mean ones that aren't so dang loud with "CLICKS" and "SLAMS!") and noise proofed rooms, too. I used to leave the door ever so slightly unlatched while we waited for staff/drs, so that I can reduce any amount of stress where I can, and the staff would make a big effort to come in/out super chill and quiet.

Re: Dream Vet clinic design

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 7:25 am
by connie
Good point about stress on the animals. My vet clinic made a big announcement last year that they are now on the 'Fear Free' program and all the techs and vets receive annual training -- my vet told me it had reduced barking in their kennel area by about 80%. Let's hope more clinics join the program!

Re: Dream Vet clinic design

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 8:29 am
by SherriA
Wow, that new clinic is beautiful, Connie!