Neighbors dogs removed by city

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Neighbors dogs removed by city

Postby BarksaLot » Sat Oct 01, 2016 8:18 pm

We think our next door neighbors have had their dogs confiscated. They had several, a boxer and 3 or 4 small dogs, which might exceed the number the city of Los Angeles allows. LA has an ordinance against excess barking, these dogs barked just about anytime I worked out in the yard, plus barking at night when we went to bed. Annoying when we had windows open, can't afford to run A/C all the time. You can be turned in if your dogs bark too much. I wouldn't say anything about the dogs, since we have dogs ourself, wouldn't want to antagonize the neighbor lest they retaliate against us. She didn't do much to shut up the dogs other than yelling at them now and then.

But last weekend we worked in the backyard cleaning up. We were out there when our neighbor and the one behind them started arguing. Heard the back neighbor say something about she'd asked her 3 times. At that point I'd gone in the house after something, but my son heard the fight escalate to cussing, rocks were thrown - plus the next doors were also working cutting back brush - Bill heard her threaten that she had a machete.

We spent the whole day working hard all day in the yard, so didn't pay attention after that to neighbors, we kind of think the police were called. If somebody threatened me with a machette I'd sure call the cops. We noticed that night not hearing dogs, been a week since and still haven't heard a peep . So the neighbors probably have legal trouble now. It does appear you can lose your dogs for that. I'd guess they probably had warnings, but last weekend probably was the last straw. Sad, the boxer was a nice dog, plus the guy next door has been fighting cancer.

We don't worry about our dogs barking. Smokey is too old to remember to bark at squirrels anymore. Lady with her border collie ways stalks the squirrels, not making a sound while she slowly...creeps up on it, then there might be a bark or two of joy, like oh I see it! Smoke in his younger days was a constant barker if he treed a squirrel - made me worry about his barking. We'd had Lady two weeks before we heard her bark. Plus we keep our dogs in the house at night, don't want mosquitos going after them. They might go out a bit to potty, but then right back in the house. Usual scene here is dogs sleeping. Lady is bushed from keeping up with squirrels all day,squirrels she knows have gone to bed, so she's ready to hit her bed.

I know there are some on this forum that live in LA like we do, so thought you all would be interested in the goings on in our neighborhood. It would break our hearts to lose our dogs, they are a part of the family.

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