Living Near People - OMG!

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Living Near People - OMG!

Postby Calypso » Sat Jan 09, 2016 10:22 am

I lived on 5 acres on a corner lot across from a nature conservancy for 15 years. It was wooded on 2 sides. I could pretend I lived miles from anywhere.

I live in town now and it's going fairly well at the moment at my house. I have some minor training issues with my dogs that I need to address, but for a place where almost everyone has dogs, it's been pretty good. Although I can't tell if the doxie in a sweater has issues with other dogs or is just embarrassed to be seen in that ugly sweater.

On the other hand, the dogs and I have been visiting a friend who lives in an apartment. I'm going to get kicked out soon. The 2 other apartments have dogs and they are never on leash. They are rarely picked up after. And I just got to hear the out of control Lab literally throw himself down 2 flights of stairs, again. Here I'm possibly going to have to put Havana back on create rest for her neuro issue simply because she tried to leap through the snow and her back can't take it and this idiot tries to damage his dog at least 3 times a day. And lets it poop outside both the front and back door and didn't clean it up.

The other dog is a chi and seems pretty nice, but since she's never on a leash I haven't been able to see her without my dogs, who would probably be ok, but I don't want to risk my friend getting in trouble if one of my dogs acts like a *gasp* dog and isn't a total stuffed animal that lets this chi do whatever it wants to them.

Just venting. My new life is pretty darn good, just need to make some adjustments. Mostly I'm pissed at the Lab owner's stupidity. And sad for the dog. :thumbdown:

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Re: Living Near People - OMG!

Postby emmas_mom » Sun Jan 10, 2016 9:19 am

Biggest challenge I faced moving from five private acres to a small town was reducing the stress that comes with interacting with idiots who let dogs run loose, bark all night, etc. Well, that and listening to too-loud rock music. I empathize.
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Re: Living Near People - OMG!

Postby EllaBella » Mon Jan 11, 2016 6:14 am

Yikes. The other side of my street has 3 houses in a row with generally loose chi's. Fortunately my dogs like all of them, as we are ambushed regularly by them. Then I have to stand and wait for the owners to come out of the house and get them before I can cross the busy street back to my place. Down the other way is a large black lab who is allowed to chill in his unfenced yard. I've learned the approximate times he's out and walk the other way then because they do not like him.

Kirby is adjusting TOO well to a more 'city' life. He thinks its amazing everyone wants to see him and the world is full of so many friends. He's trying to hop through low open windows to say hi to people. He dances at nearly everyone, with a particularly long dance routine for babies and small children. Yesterday he was getting some pets from a friendly stranger, looked behind him and saw the 4th chair at their restaurant patio table was open, and just hopped up into the chair and put his front paws on the table. :lick: :eek2: Fortunately they didn't have food yet and thought it was funny.

The 3 townhouses share a backyard area, and one of the women never ever picks up after her dog. Its gross, and, of course, the one area Fraggle insists on going to to poop.

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Re: Living Near People - OMG!

Postby UpwardDog » Tue Jan 12, 2016 5:31 pm

Yuck. I hate that crap. :miffed:

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Re: Living Near People - OMG!

Postby Kathleen » Fri Jan 15, 2016 2:28 pm

Lately I have been fantasizing about living in a condo and not spending every waking monment taking care of our house and property. Then I did a private with a lady who lives in a cute new development of town houses I have been passing and thinking about, she told me in the mornings people just open thier front doors and let thier dogs out to go to the bathroom They don't go out with them or even leave the door open. She is trying to walk her slightly reactive older small dogs around and they keep getting bothered by loose totally unsupervised dogs. Crazy.

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